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Home cleaners and home cleaning services can be an excellent option for anyone who has little time or interest in cleaning their own home. With the pressures of modern life, especially for busy families, it can often be hard to find the time or energy to get around to keeping your home as clean and sparkly as you’d like. So why not delegate the work to a professional home cleaner or home cleaning service company? It’s affordable and will guarantee your home is neat and tidy, without forcing you to waste a lot of your precious time at home cleaning. Instead, you can spend more time with your family and friends! Learn more about home cleaners and home cleaning services below, including cleaning service options, what they offer, the benefits, costs, and answers to some frequently asked questions. By the time you finish reading our guide, you’ll be more knowledgeable on home cleaners and home cleaning services, and will be with no doubt that hiring one for your home cleaning is the right choice.



One of the first you should know about home cleaners and home cleaning services is that, contrary to common belief, you are not required to commit to a contract for regular services in most cases. Many people are hesitant to start using home cleaners or home cleaning services because, like most home services, they fear getting locked into a schedule or expense that they won’t be able to support, or maybe too often or too infrequent in terms of the number of visits. However, many home cleaners and home cleaning services companies offer two separate kinds of services – neither of which usually require a long-term house cleaning contract with an option of commitment, contract breakage fees, or similar.


Most home cleaners and home cleaning services companies also offer single appointments, not on any set schedule, as one of their home cleaning service options. That allows people who need an extra tidy-up now and then also to receive cleaning service, even if they usually handle their home cleaning needs. That can be especially useful in preparing for hosting a party or other event in your home, or cleaning up afterward, for example.


At the same time, almost all home cleaners and home cleaning services offer regular maid-style services for home cleaning. These can often set at a frequency desired by the home cleaning service customer – weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. Almost any schedule can be accommodated depending upon the availability of home cleaning staff and the needs of the client.



In both of the styles or frequency of appointments highlighted above, the service offerings from home cleaning contractors and home cleaning services companies are mainly the same. However, there can be some variation based on region and home cleaning company, with some offering much more full-service options than others. On average, however, most quality home cleaners and home cleaning services offer some or all of the following:


  • Regular or maintenance home cleaning services, as well as targeted, deep-cleaning for specific areas or rooms as needed,
  • Bathroom cleaning services,
  • Kitchen cleaning services,
  • Whole house vacuuming, dusting and tidying up,
  • Washing, mopping, etc. of wood and tile floors,
  • Light fixture, ceiling dusting cleaning,
  • Window cleaning,
  • General household cleaning tasks.

Less frequently, some full-service home cleaners and home cleaning services companies may also offer:


  • Laundry services.
  • Exterior/yard cleaning and tidying services.
  • Handyman services.
  • Cooking services.

In almost all cases, home cleaners and home cleaning services companies use their equipment, supplies, and so on, and don’t require anything of the homeowner other than access and payment. The exceptions are laundry and cooking, where the service person from the home cleaning services company will naturally need to use your laundry equipment and kitchen equipment, respectively.



There are numerous benefits to hiring a home cleaning service or home cleaners over doing it yourself. The most apparent stem from the reduction in time, effort, and work that you need to put into keeping your home clean. Even simple, maintenance-style house cleaning from a professional home cleaner or home cleaning services company can significantly reduce the time necessary for you to keep up a nice and tidy home. That’s all-time and effort that you can put into doing other, more enjoyable things.


In addition to this time and energy benefit, many clients of home cleaners and home cleaning services companies also find the quality and cleanliness of their home is improved. After all, a professional whose sole job is to make your home clean and neat, and is getting paid for it, is often going to do a better job than you. They do this for a living, have all the professional expertise and know-how, and have honed their skills with numerous clients over the years in many cases. They also don’t take shortcuts or cut corners the way individuals often do when they are tired, and want to be done with the cleaning of their own home. In short, when you hire a professional home cleaner or home cleaning service, you get better results. That leads to a house that looks and feels cleaner and can even have a positive impact on physical and mental health.  



Many people worry about the cost of home cleaners or home cleaning services. Indeed, it’s often is one of the main impediments stopping people from hiring a home cleaning service, even if they desperately want one and see the apparent benefits in hiring one. The good thing is that most of the better home cleaners and home cleaning services companies offer varying levels of service and flexible options for appointment frequency. All of this translates into costs that are reasonable for almost any budget. While it is true that hiring a home cleaner or home cleaning service company is going to cost more than doing it on your own, the savings in time is often well worth it for most people. There’s also no need to do a thorough, deep home cleaning – often the most expensive – every single week or even biweekly.



To make people more comfortable with hiring house cleaners and house cleaning services, we’ve found some of the top questions that people often ask about these services, and answered them briefly below. If you have any additional questions about house cleaners or house cleaning services that not answered here, give them a call!

How can I know that it’s safe to let a stranger from a house cleaning services company into my home?

Most house cleaners and house cleaning services perform thorough background checks on their employees and review references from prior employers and clients before hiring staff. Many also require employees to go through a training program, both for ethics and safety as well as quality, to ensure their work is up to snuff and that they will treat a customer’s home and possessions with care.

What if I want to modify my appointment schedule, cancel service for a week, or increase the frequency of visits by my house cleaners?

Many house cleaners and house cleaning services companies offer both non-recurring cleaning appointments, as well as more regular, scheduled, recurring dates. In both cases, the majority allow you to cancel, adjust, or add new appointment dates as needed, usually with at least 24-48 hours notice required. Some offer online portals or interfaces to let you schedule these appointments, while others maintain a scheduling center you can call to adjust your date (s) as life circumstances dictate.

What if something damaged during a home cleaner appointment?

In most jurisdictions, house cleaners and house cleaning services, like most service providers who interact with the public, are required to be licensed, bonded, and insured. If an item or part of the home damaged during a cleaning (which is exceedingly rare), either the bond or insurance will usually dictate how the process proceeds, for reimbursement and repair of the damage. Consult your house cleaner or house cleaning service company for more details if required.

My family members or I have allergies and other health concerns. How can I ensure that my house cleaners or house cleaning service only use natural/organic/sensitive chemicals and cleaners?

The vast majority of house cleaners and house cleaning services today are well aware of people’s health and environmental concerns. While not all companies utilize organic or hypoallergenic products, they all do ensure they are using cleaners and equipment that certified as safe for home use. Many also offer services, either at an upcharge or upon request, that can use only specific natural cleaning products. Some will also provide you a discount to utilize the products that you supply. If you have specific health or allergy concerns, be sure to discuss them with your house cleaner or house cleaning service before booking an appointment – most will be happy to accommodate your needs!


Housekeeping Services

It’s an endless struggle to try to keep your home clean, neat, and tidy. Between work and personal life demands, it can be almost impossible to find the time to do a proper job cleaning your home. That is even more difficult if you have a spouse and children running around making more of a mess. The ideal solution to your problems may be hiring a housekeeper or housekeeping services company. These professionals can help to ensure your home remains clean and livable, the way you want it to, and work with almost any budget. They offer a wide variety of services depending on the company, region, and the needs of the customer. And of course, housekeepers and housekeeping services companies provide tremendous benefits to consumers, not the least of which is less time spent cleaning and more time spent living life.

Read on to learn more about housekeepers and housekeeping services. We’ll explore topics like how often they should visit, what services most housekeepers and housekeeping services offer, the benefits and costs of hiring housekeepers or housekeeping services, and provide a guide on choosing the right provider to suit your needs.



One of the main questions that most people ask about housekeepers and housekeeping services, before even getting to the nitty-gritty of what they offer or how much they cost, is how often they should visit? That is going to be somewhat complex to answer and depends much on the needs of the individual homeowner. Some prefer to have a regular, weekly visit from a housekeeper or housekeeping service. Others find that schedule a bit excessive and prefer less frequent visits. Still, others may not want a recurring visit at all, but periodically call for an “on-demand” style appointment when they’re particularly overwhelmed, short on time, or otherwise need a helping hand keeping their home clean.


Most of the top housekeepers and housekeeping services companies have a range of different options for visit frequency. Sometimes, that dictated by the level of service you require, and in other cases, based on staffing and scheduling. Many offer the ability to adjust appointments through an online portal or a customer service center, provided there’s enough advance notice (usually 24 to 72 hours, depending on the housekeeping services company).


Perhaps the most important is to remember that the frequency of visits for housekeepers and housekeeping services is almost always left up to you to determine. After all, these are service companies, designed to serve your needs. So if you need a housekeeper three times a week, that’s perfectly fine, so long as it fits your budget. If you only need them to stop by once every two weeks or once a month, that’s also fine. Most housekeepers and housekeeping services companies will provide a recommendation based on your particular chosen services, cleaning needs, home size, traffic, and other factors, that you can use as a baseline to start. Then, you can change the visit frequency as needed.



The housekeeping services offered by housekeepers and housekeeping services companies can vary quite a bit from company to company, region to region, and so on. Some are very focused on house cleaning and cleaning-related tasks only. Others offer more full-service options that cover a variety of everyday household chores and work. The particular service offerings of any individual housekeeper or housekeeping services company are usually detailed in full on their website or other material, and available either as part of a service package or as an individual, a la carte services that you can pick and choose from to create your service list.


Most commonly, housekeepers and housekeeping services companies do some or all of the following:


  • Light, maintenance-style cleaning as well as targeted deep-cleaning services
  • Bathroom cleaning services
  • Kitchen cleaning services
  • Floor washing, mopping services for tile and wood floors
  • Floor vacuuming services
  • General dusting and tidying services
  • Window treatment dusting, light fixture dusting, and cleaning services
  • Furniture cleaning, polishing, and related service tasks

Less often, some housekeepers and housekeeping services companies may also offer one or more of the following service categories:


  • Laundry services
  • Handyman/household repairs
  • Cooking services
  • Grocery shopping
  • General Errands
  • Outdoor cleaning, including car washing and cleaning services.

Whether or not a particular company offers an individual service or not is usually highlighted on its website or advertising information. Typically, categories of service are listed, rather than an exhaustive list of individual tasks. For example, “dusting” can cover a lot of different activities and specifics. If you ever have a concern about whether or not your chosen company, or potential housekeeper or housekeeping services company does a particular task, it’s best to ask!



It surprises most people that housekeepers and housekeeping services aren’t as expensive as they may think. Most of these housekeeping services companies are well aware that people have different budgets for cleaning and various cleaning needs. Therefore, they offer a range of housekeeping services to cater to those different budgets. Prices tend to vary significantly by region, with areas that have more expensive housing and consumer prices, in general, having higher prices for housekeepers and housekeeping services. Of course, the more extensive housekeeping services you require, the higher the amount you can expect to pay.


The benefits of hiring a housekeeper or housekeeping service company, however, often far outweigh the costs. Not having to worry about housekeeping, or spending precious time for cleaning, etc., are significant incentives for many people. Being able to spend that time with family can be almost priceless. At the same time, for those who would instead do anything else, housekeepers and housekeeping services can be a very reasonable alternative. And, in the case of people who have physical disabilities, mobility issues, or otherwise can’t quite put the effort or time into cleaning and other housekeeping tasks that their home needs, housekeepers or housekeeping services can be a real blessing. There are also physical and mental health benefits found in having and maintaining a cleaner home, and it’s hard to put a price on that.



To help you find the right housekeeper or housekeeping service to fit your budget and particular cleaning needs, we suggest you evaluate them on a few main criteria. That will help you compare each available housekeeper or housekeeping service in your area to one another and allow you to pick the one that offers the right mix of price, service, and quality for you.


  • Licenses and certifications. Quality housekeepers and housekeeping services companies should be fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Many may provide references or run background checks on employees, as well as provide training to ensure quality results.
  • Services. Be sure that the housekeeping services company you are looking at has the available housekeeping services you require, and offers them in a way that makes sense for you. Don’t accept one-size-fits-all packages if you have specific needs or a limited budget.
  • Reputation. Spend some time online and do a little research about a potential housekeeper or housekeeping service company before you hire them. Search engines can reveal reviews and information that can help you to find the best housekeeping services professional.
  • Company Information. As part of your research, check up on the housekeeping service company. How long have they been in a housekeeping service business? How big or small is a housekeeping services company, and does that fit with your expectations and housekeeping needs?
  • Cost. Perhaps the most significant consideration for many people is the cost of housekeeping services. You want to ensure you’re not paying too much for housekeeping service, but also beware of too low prices that seem too good to be true.


Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning

No matter what kind of traffic you get through your house, dirt gets in. Some upholstery cleaning services reckon that up to 80% of the dirt that comes into your home ends up settling into the fabric on your furniture. Dust, food, spills, ink, germs, pollen, and whatever else tracked into your house loves to set up home in your upholstery, and after a while, only expert upholstery cleaning services can get it out. Additionally, healthy air quality is essential to people suffering from asthma or allergies, and furniture cleaning services can also virtually eliminate allergens like pet dander. They can even get rid of most of the airborne bacteria that settle on your couch and can cause illness. Finally, having regular furniture cleaning services to maintain them properly can increase the lifetime of your furniture. Like offending smells, stains and discoloration accumulate gradually. Once you take an objective look – or sniff - you realize that it’s not time to get a new couch or chair, it is just time to have professional furniture cleaning services work their magic.


Many furniture cleaning services offer a variety of techniques and services to make your furniture look new. When evaluating the different upholstery cleaning services available, there are a few things to consider.


Often, furniture off-the storeroom floor comes with a protectant of some sort, but this breaks down over time with regular wear and tear. Upholstery cleaning services can apply a stain guard to your furniture to help shield it from future accidents. 

When furniture cleaning services apply an invisible protective shield to your furniture, it makes it harder for spills to soak into the furniture and gives you more time to clean it up. Ask the furniture cleaning services you are considering if this is part of the package they offer and if it will clean safely with the types of upholstery on your furniture. 


Soft furnishings covered in fabric act just like your air conditioning filters: they trap germs, dust, and other allergens inside the fabric. Regular use of upholstery cleaning services can help remove the contaminants from your furniture, improving the overall air quality. Some furniture cleaning services can include an additive in the cleaning process that also kills germs and bacteria and removes them from the fabric. Not only does your home look better with proper furniture cleaning services, but it is also healthier and safer.


A good, deep clean will work wonders for your furniture. And, the smell is often the most obvious indicator of how clean an area is.  When interviewing upholstery cleaning services, be sure to understand how their deodorizing process works. If they use a deodorizer, will it remove the odor-causing dirt, or mask the smell for a day or two?


Different fabric requires different upholstery cleaning techniques, and it’s important to understand exactly how the furniture cleaning services you choose will clean your furniture. Before beginning the primary job, be sure to describe the spots you are most concerned about and the type of fabric to be cleaned. Then, the upholstery cleaning services can walk you through the process they recommend using. To give you an understanding of what to expect, here is a summary of the most common techniques.


All upholstery cleaning services worth their salt will start with a thorough vacuuming with industrial-strength suction to remove all loose dirt and debris. Skipping this step and going straight to the shampoo will only create a muddy mess on your sofa. No matter what upholstery cleaning services you use, be sure to confirm that this is part of their furniture cleaning services and that it will include the frame of the furniture as well as the cushions.


After a thorough vacuum, your upholstery cleaning services should use some shampooing or solvent-based cleaning process. Using a combination of hot water, specially formulated soap, and suction is the most common method of furniture cleaning services. In the hot water extraction method, soap or carbonated mixtures create bubbles, which are pressed into the fabric and then pop to create friction. This agitation will loosen the debris so that the vacuum can remove it.

The problem with the technique is that if not done correctly, over wetting of your furniture will occur, leading to long drying times and the possibility of more smells and even mold and mildew. Ask your upholstery cleaning services if they use low-moisture tools when cleaning your furniture if they use this method.


If you see an “S” code on the tag of your furniture, this means the manufacturer recommends using dry solvent upholstery cleaning services. One can use it on delicate fabric or textiles that are not color-fast. Consult with the furniture cleaning services you select to determine the best way to clean your furniture (if dry cleaning recommended). Often, furniture cleaning services will apply this solvent using a clean cloth and a brush to loosen the dirt.

While it is the safest cleaning method, it is most effective on oil-based stains. That is most commonly used in areas that see repeated use, such as arm and headrests. Your upholstery cleaning services can advise you if the stains you want to remove are oil or water-based.


Ask your upholstery cleaning services about the cleaning solution they use. Gentle is always better, as harsh chemicals can damage your fabric and cause fading or permanent staining. Additionally, some soaps and chemicals can leave a sticky residue on the fabric. Not only can this residue be unhealthy for kids and pets, but it can also lead to furniture that is dirtier because the grime sticks to the residue left behind by upholstery cleaning services that use these types of detergents. 


When engaging furniture cleaning services, be sure to inquire about the drying time required after they are finished.  Not only do you want to avoid prolonged drying times and the associated damp smell, but also how much time you have to wait until you can use your furniture.

Additionally, have your furniture cleaning services test their chemicals on a small, unobtrusive spot on each piece to be cleaned to ensure that the cleaning solution that they use will not damage your furniture. That is also an excellent way to be sure that you will be happy with the results once they are done.


Once you are hiring the furniture cleaning services provider, don’t forget to check the company or individuals providing the upholstery cleaning services. The institutes of certification provide certification for professional upholstery cleaning services, which would be important for expensive or antique furniture. 

Be sure that the professionals coming into your home to provide the upholstery cleaning services have passed background checks and that the company is also insured against any accidents or damage that might occur while they are providing furniture cleaning services in your home.

You can also check the history and reputation of many furniture cleaning services by reading reviews. Finally, ask all furniture cleaning services what type of satisfaction guarantee they offer on their work.


It takes a long time to select a piece of furniture, especially a sofa, which must be attractive as well as comfortable. Using professional upholstery cleaning services annually will help you protect that investment and keep your furniture looking newer longer. Do your homework and research the furniture cleaning services in your area that can assure you their processes are safe and effective. Banish that smell that you have grown too accustomed to and make your home more attractive and healthier. You and your family deserve it.


Floor Cleaning

Industrial and commercial floors see some of the highest foot traffic of any flooring in existence, and consequently, take some of the most significant amounts of wear and tear. For that reason, the kinds of floors used in these settings are often especially in need of floor cleaning and rejuvenation. Methods to do this vary based on the exact type of flooring when tile floors need different treatments than solid concrete or other types of flooring. Floor cleaning services and floor waxing, polishing services are generally the types of companies that undertake these floor cleaning and rejuvenation tasks. Typical floor types of concrete, as well as various tile materials and hardwood floors, are the mainstays of the floor cleaning services, floor waxing, polishing service companies. In this article, we’ll briefly discuss the difference between floor cleaning services and floor waxing and polishing services, highlight general cleaning and polishing methods and services, look at some of the cleaning and rejuvenation tasks related to tile floors, talk about stripping floors, and then the necessary waxing or re-sealing of those floors.



Typically, the term floor cleaning services refer to generic companies that clean and refurbished floors. It may or may not include floor stripping and waxing or other refurbishment tasks. Floor waxing and polishing services tend to almost always include floor stripping, as well as routine floor polishing and maintenance cleaning activities. In both cases, companies may or may not do more advanced tasks such as re-grouting of tile as part of their floor cleaning and rejuvenation services – it varies by company, region, and capabilities.


In general, though, consumers should not get too hung up on the names or terms for these kinds of companies. Many don’t go by either floor cleaning services or floor waxing and polishing services or may mention some hybridized form of the two. The best bet is to research floor cleaning services companies of these types which are available to work in your area, and see what kind of floor cleaning, floor waxing, polishing services they specifically offer, either by contacting them or reviewing their website or other materials. 



Most commercial and industrial floors are some sealed concrete or other solid floorings. Routine daily floor cleaning in the form of sweeping and mopping can help them stay clean, but they also need a good thorough cleaning and polishing by professionals, like those from floor cleaning services and floor waxing, polishing services. That type of floor usually coated with a sealant or wax that can become uneven, dull, and dirty over time. In some cases, flooring will need to be stripped off periodically and replaced (see the Stripping section below). However, often, floor buffing and polishing will be more than sufficient.


Floor buffing and polishing often are best undertaken following a deep floor cleaning by traditional means, to ensure any loose dirt, debris, and other foreign matter has been removed. Then, floor waxing and polishing services can come in, and apply small amounts of polish, wax, cleaners, etc., or buff existing floor finishes, using floor buffers and other high-powered, specialized equipment. 


An alternative method that sometimes used is a self-contained power-washing type system, not unlike a deep cleaner for carpets. This system incorporates several brushes, heated water, and a steam reservoir, and often tanks for cleaners or other chemicals. These machines are pushed like a cart, slowly, over the floor area, where hot water, steam, and chemical cleaners work with brushes and suction to deep clean the floor. While no replacement for stripping or polishing, it tends to be less expensive and quicker. 



For tile floors, cleaning with machines as mentioned above are pretty much the only option. Floor polishing and stripping are not possible on these kinds of flooring. Instead, floor cleaning services use either heat/steam/water-based cleaning methods or brushing machines with suction and air jets, for cleaning and collecting dirt and debris from in between tiles on a tile floor. It can take the grout and the tiles from looking dull and dingy to like-new condition.


Periodically, however, tile floors will need to be re-grouted, where the existing grout between tiles must be removed, and new grout put in place, which is also necessary if a tile is broken, chipped, or cracked. Not all floor cleaning service companies necessarily do this kind of work, with many leaving it to more specialized flooring installers, flooring contractors, or tile contractors. 



For concrete or other slab floors that have become unserviceable with little cleaning or polishing, floor cleaning services, and floor waxing, polishing services have more extreme means to rejuvenate the flooring. They use chemical stripping agents to dissolve (or strip) the existing wax and seal coatings from the floor. After a brief period to allow the chemical reaction to take place, a floor machine is used with a stripping head to agitate the chemicals and ensure even stripping.


Next, floor cleaning services and floor waxing and polishing services rinse the floor to remove the chemicals, as well as to clean the underlying floor itself. They use a wet vac or floor squeegee to suck up all the water and chemicals, and then allow the floor to dry. 



Once a floor has dried from stripping, a new coat of wax or similar floor finish can be applied by the floor cleaning services and floor waxing, polishing services company. It provides a fresh layer of protection or seal over the base floor material, preserving its look and color, and insulating it from damage, moisture, dirt, and other effects from the heavy traffic and day-to-day wear and tear that the floor takes.


Waxing is also sometimes used on open-tile floors depending on the type of material, to provide them a layer of protection as well, though this is a rarer application. Other forms of waxing and polishing are used on hardwood floors, for similar purposes – to keep them protected from moisture, dirt, discoloration, and damage from regular use and wear-and-tear. Floor cleaning services and floor waxing, polishing services use similar means to polish, wax, and rejuvenate these kinds of floors – minus the harsh chemical strippers. 


Every flooring material is somewhat different, and the types of wax, polish, sealant, or protective finish, and the various steps necessary to clean the floor properly, also vary. For these reasons, it is a task best left to those with the knowledge and expertise to do the job correctly – floor cleaning services and floor waxing and polishing services. After all, the last thing any building owner wants is for a floor cleaning to result in flooring damage and massive replacement or repair expenses. Attempting to save a few dollars by having someone in-house complete these tasks may sound appealing, but in the long run, it can cost well more than the dollars saved. The extra money spent on expert floor cleaning services and floor waxing, polishing services are well worth it, for the peace of mind and longevity of your floors.



In summary, the requirements to deep clean and refurbish floors vary considerably based on the type of flooring material. In general, though, the common forms of flooring such as tile and concrete slab can be returned to like-new condition by professionals from floor cleaning services and floor waxing, polishing services companies. They utilize specialized machinery, and in some cases harsh chemicals, to remove dirt and debris, treat wear-and-tear, and add new layers of protective sealants to floors, allowing them to look clean and like-new for years to come.