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Home cleaners and home cleaning services can be an excellent option for anyone who has little time or interest in cleaning their own home. With the pressures of modern life, especially for busy families, it can often be hard to find the time or energy to get around to keeping your home as clean and sparkly as you’d like. So why not delegate the work to a professional home cleaner or home cleaning service company? It’s affordable and will guarantee your home is neat and tidy, without forcing you to waste a lot of your precious time at home cleaning. Instead, you can spend more time with your family and friends! Learn more about home cleaners and home cleaning services below, including cleaning service options, what they offer, the benefits, costs, and answers to some frequently asked questions. By the time you finish reading our guide, you’ll be more knowledgeable on home cleaners and home cleaning services, and will be with no doubt that hiring one for your home cleaning is the right choice.



One of the first you should know about home cleaners and home cleaning services is that, contrary to common belief, you are not required to commit to a contract for regular services in most cases. Many people are hesitant to start using home cleaners or home cleaning services because, like most home services, they fear getting locked into a schedule or expense that they won’t be able to support, or maybe too often or too infrequent in terms of the number of visits. However, many home cleaners and home cleaning services companies offer two separate kinds of services – neither of which usually require a long-term house cleaning contract with an option of commitment, contract breakage fees, or similar.


Most home cleaners and home cleaning services companies also offer single appointments, not on any set schedule, as one of their home cleaning service options. That allows people who need an extra tidy-up now and then also to receive cleaning service, even if they usually handle their home cleaning needs. That can be especially useful in preparing for hosting a party or other event in your home, or cleaning up afterward, for example.


At the same time, almost all home cleaners and home cleaning services offer regular maid-style services for home cleaning. These can often set at a frequency desired by the home cleaning service customer – weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. Almost any schedule can be accommodated depending upon the availability of home cleaning staff and the needs of the client.



In both of the styles or frequency of appointments highlighted above, the service offerings from home cleaning contractors and home cleaning services companies are mainly the same. However, there can be some variation based on region and home cleaning company, with some offering much more full-service options than others. On average, however, most quality home cleaners and home cleaning services offer some or all of the following:


  • Regular or maintenance home cleaning services, as well as targeted, deep-cleaning for specific areas or rooms as needed,
  • Bathroom cleaning services,
  • Kitchen cleaning services,
  • Whole house vacuuming, dusting and tidying up,
  • Washing, mopping, etc. of wood and tile floors,
  • Light fixture, ceiling dusting cleaning,
  • Window cleaning,
  • General household cleaning tasks.

Less frequently, some full-service home cleaners and home cleaning services companies may also offer:


  • Laundry services.
  • Exterior/yard cleaning and tidying services.
  • Handyman services.
  • Cooking services.

In almost all cases, home cleaners and home cleaning services companies use their equipment, supplies, and so on, and don’t require anything of the homeowner other than access and payment. The exceptions are laundry and cooking, where the service person from home cleaning services company will naturally need to use your laundry equipment and kitchen equipment, respectively.



There are numerous benefits to hiring a home cleaning service or home cleaners over doing it yourself. The most apparent stem from the reduction in time, effort, and work that you need to put into keeping your home clean. Even simple, maintenance-style house cleaning from a professional home cleaner or home cleaning services company can significantly reduce the time necessary for you to keep up a nice and tidy home. That’s all-time and effort that you can put into doing other, more enjoyable things.


In addition to this time and energy benefit, many clients of home cleaners and home cleaning services companies also find the quality and cleanliness of their home is improved. After all, a professional whose sole job is to make your home clean and neat, and is getting paid for it, is often going to do a better job than you. They do this for a living, have all the professional expertise and know-how, and have honed their skills with numerous clients over the years in many cases. They also don’t take the shortcuts or cut corners the way individuals often do when they are tired, and want to be done with the cleaning of their own home. In short, when you hire a professional home cleaner or home cleaning service, you get better results. That leads to a house that looks and feels cleaner and can even have a positive impact on physical and mental health.  



Many people worry about the cost of home cleaners or home cleaning services. Indeed, it’s often is one of the main impediments stopping people from hiring a home cleaning service, even if they desperately want one and see the apparent benefits in hiring one. The good thing is that most of the better home cleaners and home cleaning services companies offer varying levels of service and flexible options for appointment frequency. All of this translates into costs that are reasonable for almost any budget. While it is true that hiring a home cleaner or home cleaning service company is going to cost more than doing it on your own, the savings in time is often well worth it for most people. There’s also no need to do a thorough, deep home cleaning – often the most expensive – every single week or even biweekly.



To make people more comfortable with hiring house cleaners and house cleaning services, we’ve found some of the top questions that people often ask about these services, and answered them briefly below. If you have any additional questions about house cleaners or house cleaning services that not answered here, give them a call!

How can I know that it’s safe to let a stranger from a house cleaning services company into my home?

Most house cleaners and house cleaning services perform thorough background checks on their employees and review references from prior employers and clients before hiring staff. Many also require employees to go through a training program, both for ethics and safety as well as quality, to ensure their work is up to snuff and that they will treat a customer’s home and possessions with care.

What if I want to modify my appointment schedule, cancel service for a week, or increase the frequency of visits by my house cleaners?

Many house cleaners and house cleaning services companies offer both non-recurring cleaning appointments, as well as more regular, scheduled, recurring dates. In both cases, the majority allow you to cancel, adjust, or add new appointment dates as needed, usually with at least 24-48 hours notice required. Some offer online portals or interfaces to let you schedule these appointments, while others maintain a scheduling center you can call to adjust your date (s) as life circumstances dictate.

What if something damaged during a home cleaner appointment?

In most jurisdictions, house cleaners and house cleaning services, like most service providers who interact with the public, are required to be licensed, bonded, and insured. If an item or part of the home damaged during a cleaning (which is exceedingly rare), either the bond or insurance will usually dictate how the process proceeds, for reimbursement and repair of the damage. Consult your house cleaner or house cleaning service company for more details if required.

My family members or I have allergies and other health concerns. How can I ensure that my house cleaners or house cleaning service only use natural/organic/sensitive chemicals and cleaners?

The vast majority of house cleaners and house cleaning services today are well aware of people’s health and environmental concerns. While not all companies utilize organic or hypoallergenic products, they all do ensure they are using cleaners and equipment that certified as safe for home use. Many also offer services, either at an upcharge or upon request, that can use only specific natural cleaning products. Some will also provide you a discount to utilize products that you supply. If you have specific health or allergy concerns, be sure to discuss them with your house cleaner or house cleaning service before booking an appointment – most will be happy to accommodate your needs!

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